Jurva School is a registered association founded in 2013 at Jurva.

About Jurva

Jurva is a small village located in the town of Kurikka, province of Western Finland, Southern Ostrobothnia region. Jurva has a history of 200 years in furniture making and 100 years in training in the fields of furniture making and decorative woodcarving. Unfortunately, the training and education in these, and some other fields as design, was discontinued in the region. There are still numerous furniture factories and cabinet makers in Jurva but their number is also declining. Jurva School was founded to preserve and foster these traditions and to secure their future.

Our purpose

The purpose of our association is to maintain, develop and promote Jurva’s regional expertise in the fields of design, woodcarving and furniture and housing industries. And to pass on these skills to the younger generations.

Our visions

VISION 1 | We are going to establish an international multidisciplinary design centre where Jurva’s 100 years of history and traditions will be carried on and new exciting concepts in the fields of design, arts and crafts will be created.

VISION 2 | Our goal, as an independent training institute “Jurva Design Academy”, is to offer programmes based on modular courses on product design, crafts, interior design, woodwork and other fields of our expertise.

VISION 3 | We are going to organise year-round multidisciplinary residencies for Finnish and international artists, designers and other experts in so called “Jurva Residence”.

VISION 4 | Our aim is to set up ”Jurva Design Agency” for marketing and branding the regional know-how and to promote experts and operators from chosen industries.

VISION 5 | We are aiming to grow and become a significant, regional, internationally connected operator in our sector.

VISION 6 | Our vision is to operate as a community for former Jurva students with a background in cabinet making, decorative woodcarving, design, arts and crafts.