We are looking for new members!

You can personally participate in our activity by applying for a full membership or support us by becoming a supporting member. If you are interested in becoming involved, please fill in the online membership form below or download a printable version here: Jurva School membership form ENG.

Join us and help to make our visions come true!

Membership form

* Fill in the areas marked with a star symbol if you are applying for the full membership.

Supporting membership

If you think our activity, goals and values are important and you want to support our cause, you can do it easily by signing up as a supporting member. As a supporting member you will support us by paying the membership fee.

Full membership

Applications for full membership will be approved by the board of directors. As a full member you will be able to personally participate in our activity.

Annual membership fee is 20 euro per person

The fee will be the same whether you are a supporting or a full member. The fee should be paid annually on Jurva School’s bank account. All the raised funds will be spent to cover the costs of our activity. It will enable us to run and develop our association. The payment details will be sent to you by email or by post.