Residence of multidisciplinary arts, crafts & design

Jurva Residence is a brand new international residence programme in Jurva, Finland. The programme is aimed for professionals in art, craft or design and it is hosted by Jurva School in close collaboration with YOSK, Young Skills Cooperative. The programme started in summer 2015 when the first artist was invited to Jurva and continued spring 2016 with selected international designers, craftsmen and artists.

The residence offers a studio or a shared flat, accommodation and assistance with materials and production. Hosted guests are encouraged to experiment and assistants can produce prototypes for the visiting artists/designers. The surrounding nature and calmness of the environment are ideal for short-term intensive working periods. The duration of the residencies can be from one weekend to several months.

We are currently creating a Residency programme for Jurva Residence.

Residence of design and arts
The first visitor of Jurva Resience, Finnish artist Camilla Vuorenmaa with our woodcarving expert and sculptor Kaj Arnold Lindgård, June 2015.